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CNC machining is a widely used concept in manufacturing and industrial fields, but what precisely does the word CNC stand for, and what is a CNC machine? 

The word CNC stands for 'computer numerical control,' and the concept of CNC machining is that this is a subtractive manufacturing operation that usually utilizes computerized controls and machine tools to extract layers of material from a stock — known as a blank or a workpiece — and creates a custom-designed component. 

This process is ideal for a wide variety of products, including steel, plastics, wood, glass, foam, and composites. It gets used in various industries, such as massive CNC machining and CNC aerospace machining. In terms of the computer itself, the concept of the CNC machine would be that it represents the real programmable machine capable of executing CNC machining operations independently. Note the difference between the operation (CNC machining definition) and the machine.

Subtractive manufacturing methods, such as CNC machining, are often viewed as additive manufacturing techniques, like 3D printing or formative processing processes, such as liquid injection moulding. Whereas the subtractive process separates layers of material from the workpiece to create customized shapes and patterns, the additive process assembles layers of material to create the required form and formative methods. It deforms and disperses the material into the required shape. 

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The automatic design of CNC machining allows high precision and high accuracy, basic parts, and cost-effectiveness when conducting single-and medium-volume manufacturing processes. However, while CNC machining shows some benefits over other manufacturing methods, the degree of sophistication and sophistication of the component design and the cost-effectiveness of the manufacture of complex parts is reduced.

Although any method of the manufacturing process has its advantages and drawbacks, this article focuses on the CNC machining process, the fundamentals of the process, and the different components and equipment of the CNC system (sometimes mistakenly referred to as the C and C machines).

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