Parts of Iron Cutter Machine and Their Functions

Machine tools have a crucial role to play in the industrial field. In the fibre laser cutting unit, various sections have different roles for the cutting reason. So, what's their role?

Machine Bed the essential purpose of the machine bed is to help all operating pieces.

The load-bearing volume range is between 800 kg and 1500 kg. Its weight is capable of maintaining the reliability of the machine.

Laser Source

A system for producing a source of a laser beam. We use IPG, Raycus, and Night for the XT Laser source. We can often have laser sources for other brands.

The strength of the computer we have is 500 watts and above. Those laser sources used are the standard laser source that you will find in this industry made by iron cutter machine manufacturing companies.

Cutting Head:

Mainly contain sections such as cutting head body, focal lens, safety mirrors, capacitance style sensor Auxiliary gas nozzles, and other areas.

The cutting head drive is being used to move the cutting head along the Z-axis as per the program. It consists of a servo motor and a transmission component, including a ball screw or a gear.

Driving System

The computer passes into the control system and the computer. The control mechanism allows the servo motor to generate kinetic energy, while the X, Y, and Z axes get driven by kinetic energy.

The unit moves on the X and Y axes by the rail guide and stack. For the Z-axis, cut the head up and down with the screw rod. We have placed the reducer under the servo pump. The reducer could help this machine from working well in this manner.

Gas Group

Gas tank Primarily used for the provision of cutting head gas assistant. 

Air compressor and container: to provide and retain gas for cutting. 

Air cooling & drying system, air filter: used to supply clean, dry air to laser generators and beam paths to maintain the course and mirror are running.

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