Different Types of Bandsaw Machine

Different Types of Bandsaw Machine

Different uses for sawing have developed a need for various saw designs made by bandsaw machine manufacturers

The horizontal band saw comes from the primary vertical band saw. If the material grew in size and weight of the material handling devices, a form of saw became a group of saws. If your slicing plate or the structural I-Beam, you need a particular style of saw and design.

Vertical Band Saw

The most popular of the vertical bandsaws, the blade operates from top to bottom, dragging the Vertical Contour Bandsaw material off the workpiece and onto the table. These saws apply themselves to smaller pieces that can be quickly handled by hand.

Usually named 'Vertical Contouring Saws,' these manual machines are used in virtually every machine shop and toolroom throughout the planet. Second, besides the Horizontal Bandsaw, they are some of the most common types of saws on the market.


Horizontal Structural Saws

Like its close cousin, the Dual Column Saw, the Horizontal Structural Saw, offers a few more characteristics that are better suited for the Dual Column Dual Miter Band Saw I-Beams, Angles, and Pipe cutting. Structural manufacturers highly regard features such as Pointed Heads, Taller Vises, and greater capacities. 

Usually, these types of saws will have auto shuttling capability and conveyor mechanisms on the sawing device's front and rear.

Production Dual Column

Production Dual Column saws get very widely used in machine shops around the world. Band Saw usually produces these saws or NC operated and mainly used to cut bar stock down to length for spinning and machining purposes. 

These saws are highly influential, mechanical, and hydraulic or servo ball screw operated and are ideal for quick and effective sawing systems. They can be configured with several feed materials and are designed solely for vertical cutting.

Tube Saws

These forms of specialized tube saws are perfect for cutting a range of tube and pipe diameters. Often known as "Cut-Off Saws" Dual Column Tube Band Saw These Dual Column Sawing Systems have full automation capability for intricate and compelling pipe and tubing cuts.

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