Different Types of Hydraulic Press Machine

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The following are the most common styles of hydraulic press machines for sale. Each of them has a specific use.

4-Post Hydraulic Press: These are used for accurate tooling. 

Arbour Presses: These are used to replacing bearings, assembling, stamping of seats and maintenance of industrial jobs. 

Assembly Presses: They can produce tremendous pressure to assemble and lock pieces together. 

C-Frame Presses: These presses are compact and durable, utilising a limited amount of space. They have a single programme as a norm.

Compression Moulding Presses: These presses use two different plates pressed together to compact the material into the desired mould. 


Forklift Tyre Press: It is used to detaching solid tyres from forklifts. 

Gantry Straightening Press: This model is made of steel and other materials. 

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Forging Presses: This is a metal shaping mechanism operated by hydraulics, pressing metal to assume a particular shape using a special mould.

H-Frame Presses: These are sometimes called four-column presses, which are called H-frame presses. 

Hydraulic Presses: These are industrial devices that use fluid to produce pressure to mould and shape objects. 

Laboratory Presses: These are smaller presses with just one application. They can get commonly located in laboratories and research centres. 

Laminating Presses: They are used to print polymers on other materials such as metal, timber or paper.

LIM Presses: This is called Liquid Injection Moulding. It gets used for plastics developed by injection. 

Mechanical Presses: These are typically used for punching, shearing or assembling on particular types of materials, using dies or equipment connected to rams or slides. 

Platen Presses: Industrial hydraulic presses, using two large surfaces for condensing, shaping or moulding materials.

Power Presses: This is a kind of hydraulic press that utilises dies and punching, shaping or shearing equipment. 

Pneumatic Presses: These presses use compressed airflow to produce energy used to promote and control movement. Application forms include folding, shaping, shearing and hitting. 

Push Brakes: As electric, hydraulic or manual presses, the metal may be cold-worked in various forms. 

Stamping Presses: These are devices that use stamping dies.

Straightening Presses: They add pressure to the metal to flatten it.

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