The Different Types of Lathe Machines and Their Functions

Medium Duty Lathe Machines -

Lathe machine is a machine used to execute several workpiece operations. These operations may range from drilling, cutting, and grooving to deforming, sanding, knurling, shaping, etc. Operations get carried out by securing the workpiece to the bench that supports the axial movement of the workpiece.

Any of the essential uses of these devices are metalworking, glass working, woodturning, and metal grinding. These computers, which were horse-powered, have advanced greatly from its early iteration, with computerised numerical control (CNC) being one of the new developments.

Since its invention, these computers have revolutionised the industries and are now considered the most effective tools in most industrial industries.

Lathe machines get constructed in various shapes based on their use. In this article, we can see how different lathe machines are used in the industrial field.

Light Duty Lathe Machines

These machines are comparatively limited in scale and thus need less room than other lathe machines. Due to its small size, the maximum swing over the bed gets limited to 20 inches or less.

Light duty lathe machines are widely available in the wood processing industry. Other uses of such devices include slotting, rotating, tapering, metal spinning, and related lighting applications for smaller workpieces.

Medium Duty Lathe Machines

Machines in this type are made of high-quality cast iron, providing additional strength to the bed.

Medium duty lathe machine manufacturers make these machines to run continuously with high accuracy, even under high pressure. Compared to medium-duty machine tools, these machines have greater power and can work on larger workpieces.

Heavy-Duty Lathe Machines

Heavy-duty lathe machines are among the most usually used lathe machines due to their superior efficiency and quick performance.

They are made of high-quality iron and steel and get built to handle the hardest task of shaping. It is known for metal spinning, metalworking, woodturning, and metal processing in different sectors.


The lathe machine has been one of the most popular machine tools ever since invention. Its involvement as a multi-purpose machine has made it a highly sought-after machine in iron and steel, wood, plastics, and power plants.

The influence of new technology has contributed to the evolution of computerised lathe machines. These computerised computers provide fast and reliable results and eradicate human error, and the medium duty lathe machine price is very reasonable.

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