Different Types of Scrap Baling Machines

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Balers are important for any project of recycling. Businesses can use baler machines to handle their recyclable waste materials, such as corrugated fibre and all forms of plastics. Depending on the particular specifications, these devices may be used to press cartons, paper, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, aluminium cans, metals, fibres, tyres, sawdust, used garments, hay, trash, etc. Hydraulic balers help stack vast volumes of recyclable material in a compact form, making it easy to carry or store. Apart from balers, sensor waste bins help handle daily waste without actually touching it.

Types of Balers

While there are several balers available on the market to support various applications, all of them fall mostly into two groups – Vertical Baler Machine and Horizontal Baler Machine. Each baler style comes with its collection of advantages and functions.

Vertical balers compact the waste material with vertical downward forces. You ought to dump corrugated cartons, foam, PET plastics, etc. into the chamber. If the chamber is full, the gate is locked and the ram, which gets mounted above the chamber, travels down and crushes the recyclable waste.

Here are a few of the main distinctions between vertical and horizontal balers. 

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Smaller Footprints 

A vertical baler system uses up far less volume than a horizontal baler. These devices may get found in the same positions as horizontal balers. In reality, they could also get used where horizontal balers do not suit, such as hospitality venues, department shops, malls, distribution centres, pharmacy shops, etc.


Usually, vertical scrap baling machine price is significantly less than horizontal balers. 

Range of Material Processed

In general, advanced vertical balers can handle nearly all forms of recyclable material, including plastic cans, aluminium, etc. On the other side, most horizontal balers will process objects such as painted aluminium radiators, etc.

Though baler machines allow the industry to take care of waste products, you can use a waste bin sensor to increase the quality of hygiene at home as well as at the workplace. Scrap baling machine manufacturing companies make these scrap baling machines for sale and provide the best quality machines to operate for a very long time without any problems.