How to Use a Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine?

Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine for Sale


If you assemble your hydraulic hoses in your shop or for on-site maintenance, you can require a hydraulic hose crimping system that helps you to crimp your fittings. Not only will this make it easier for you to crimp hoses yourself so that it will save time, so you won't have to drive to the closest place and have someone else do it.

Hydraulic hoses are used on all types of structures and get manufactured to varying lengths based on installing hydraulic parts. By making your own crimping unit, you no longer have to install all the components, then weigh the hoses’ length and head out and have the hoses crimped, to have to re-mount the parts entirely afterward.

Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine Manufacturing Companies

The hydraulic hose crimping machine for sale doesn't have to be complicated. Only follow the following steps: 

  • Calculate the hose's size needed by your hydraulic system and cut it to the correct length. Until cutting, ensure that vital hose lengths compensate for the cut-off aspect when deciding the final size. If the tip of the hose is rough, it can get filed smoothly.
  • Measure the depth of installation of the hydraulic hose inside the required fitting to guarantee that it functions correctly until the hydraulic system assembly gets finished. 
  • Until choosing the correct crimp die package, choose the correct crimp diameter for each hose. 
  • Move the hydraulic hose into the crimping system and die through the crimp before the hose fitting emerges above the crimp. The tip of the hose should not be noticeable above the crimp
  • Put the collar or compression ring over the crimp die. 
  • Make sure you've got your protective gear on. 
  • Switch on the machine. 
  • The crimping machine then moves the collar that compresses the die, and the machine ends until the collar would be at the base of the crimp die.
  • If you have labeled the penetration depth with the chalk check that the hydraulic hose crimping was significant, it should be easy. A chalk mark is no longer at the bottom of the fitting, which is not a stable crimp, and the product of the hose or fitting getting moved during the crimping process.

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