Safety Rules for Machine Market Scrap Baling Machine

Scrap Baling Machine exporters

Following are the safety rules for scrap baling machine for sale:

  1. Until running tight-fitting safety garments, cuffs fastened jacket hem cannot open, cannot start the machine next to wear off clothes or fabric around the area to protect the machine from twisted damage. Must wear helmets, braids should be put within a cap, not wearing skirts, slippers;
  2. Metal scrap baling press idle operated three minutes before operation, and the oil tank gets tested to ensure that the usual sound of the engine, the hydraulic unit, and the valves, fittings, piston when there is a leaking phenomenon; 
  3. Since turning the pack as the handle gets removed to cover the withdrawn position of the cylinder, click the handle to turn the pack. Turn around the package board once per turn must be cleared to keep it from getting stuck;
  4. The administrator must pay close attention to the safety kit, shop copper uniformly distributed copper in place must protect the top of the door gets shut, you can pack up; 
  5. Hydraulic control lever when wrapping should rapidly be moved to the specified position to avoid valve obstruction and hydraulic oil flow sufficiently, leading in motor overcurrent. Every activity in place need to be returned to the location of the valve handle;
Scrap Baling Machine traders
  1. Stop when the lid closes the door, stop the engine, cut the power; 
  2. Upon completion of all hydraulic rod packing, the hydraulic cylinder must be retracted to avoid dust damage to seals and oil spills; 
  3. Daily maintenance tasks to do, local pipeline oil spills instantly find the system repair process;
  4. If irregular surgery should get stopped completely, remove the trigger before proceeding; 
  5. After the door cover get opened, non-pressure door operation to avoid accidents; 
  6. The oil tank must get thoroughly filtered, and enough oil must get stored. Fuel tanks should be washed every six months and replaced once; 
  7. Equipment lubrication should be needed, at least, to fill the lubricant class, to clean the garbage once the cavity capacity;
  8. There should be a simple separation of citizens at the same time to avoid the possibility of misuse. Do not understand the structure, efficiency, and operating procedures of the main machine that are not permitted to begin the machine; 
  9. In case of excessive leakage or irregularities, the system instantly stops working. The eyes do not reach to the position of oil injection; they cannot directly obstruct; they cannot get compelled to function sickly.